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Research and Production Association "Novodez" was established in 2001 by a group of Russian scientists devoted to developing disinfection. The Company's main goal was development and manufacture of essentially new and highly effective disinfection products. Today "Novodez" is one of the largest manufacturers of high quality professional disinfectants and detergents in Russia.

"Novodez" products' high quality is an outcome of a complete technological cycle of material limits, including synthesis of original compounds. The chemical processes are conducted in modern equipment, controlled by fully automatic systems, and product quality assessed at the most equipped production laboratory. The material limits cycle production is unique on the Russian market of disinfectants. This allows our company to offer a wide line of products, maintain high quality, and meet the markets' growing demand for disinfectants and detergents.

"Novodez" company today

about novodez company

High standard of manufactured materials provides the immense qualities of the new disinfectants. The technologies of materials synthesis for disinfection products preparation are protected by the Russian Federation patent. Continuous contact with the consumer is maintained trough close connection with a qualified dealer net.

Due to scientific and laboratory foundation, the disinfectants are produced with taking into account the demands of the client.  

The development of new disinfectants and detergents is conducted in the production laboratory together with leading research centers, taking into consideration needs and demands of the consumers. Compounded products' quality level with world's best equivalents, and had been tested in the leading accredited research laboratories.

Multistage quality control system includes examination of incoming materials, testing manufacture of intermediate products, inspection of prepared products and packaging. This system ensures manufactured products' reliability, safety and compatibility with standard demands.

Manufacture of final products is carried out strictly according to provided formula and under full supervision on every stage of the process. Total automatization of the technological cycle provides production of world's quality standards. The quality management system is certified to ISO 9001.

An extensive network of warehouses together with experienced and efficient logistic team allows us to supply our products quickly to any region of the country. Therefore, we are able to deliver our products in any quantity to the door of the consumer. Thus we take into consideration our customers' demands and deliver products in the right quantities at the specified time. Research and Production Association

"Novodez" today is:
- 200 developed products for medicine, veterinary science, food and catering industry, community facilities, as well as for domestic use.
- The possibility of selecting a product for any disinfection purpose.
- Modern laboratory and production facilities are certified to ISO 9001.
- Disinfectants production technology based on synthesis of the original compounds.
- Logistics base and warehouses.
- Strong scientific potential.
- Collaboration with the best Russian academic institutions in assessment of disinfectants' effectiveness.
- Certified dealer network throughout Russian Federation and CIS countries.

"Novodez" employees are proud that no infectious agent could resist the company's products. "Novodez" is always ready to offer consumers 100% efficient products.

"Novodez" company today

about novodez company

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