Medical Institutions

Disinfection of medical equipment: endoscopes, health facilities, hand disinfection, disinfection of class B and C waste


    The wide choice of preparations for carrying out the general cleanings, current and the express of disinfection of all types of surfaces is presented.


    Hands & skin

    80 % of VBI according to WHO are connected with not correct processing of hands and skin. The wide choice of skin anti-septic agents with various functional additives will satisfy the most exacting customer.


    Medical devices

    Disinfection of Medical Devices will provide destruction of pathogenic and pseudo-patogenic microorganisms on medical devices, and also in their channels and cavities as well.


    High level disinfection of endoscopes

    Endoscopic manipulations find more and more wide application in diagnostics and treatment of a number of diseases, thus such manipulations are a factor of transfer of VBI activators that demands carrying out disinfection at high level.


    Disinfection of class B and C medical waste

    Dangerous (B) and extremely dangerous (C) wastes require decontamination to prevent VBI and accidental random contaminations.


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