Bonaderm Ultra

Bonaderm Ultra Ready-to-use antiseptic with skin-softening properties


    • 10% isopropyl alcohol
    • 2-phenoxyethanol - 2%
    • 0.1% alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride.
    • functional additives containing hand-softening components.


    • Bactericidal activity (including Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, nosocomial and intestinal infections pathogens)
    • Active virucide (including adenoviruses, influenza viruses, parainfluenza, avian and swine influenza, acute respiratory infection agents, enterovirus, rotavirus, polio virus, enteral and parenteral hepatitis viruses, herpes, SARS,  HIV, etc.). 
    • Active fungicide (including fungi Candida and Trichophyton)
    • Prolonged 3-hour anti-microbial action.


    •  handscrub for surgeons, surgical nurses, midwives and others involved in surgery, deliveries, etc.;
    •  treatment of skin prior to surgery;
    • treatment of skin of donor and patient arms and hands prior to insertion of intravenous catheters;
    • treatment of skin prior to injection;
    •  hygienic treatment for the hands of medical personnel in health facilities, ambulances, laboratories;
    • hygienic treatment of the hands of employees in preschool and school facilities, welfare agencies, employees of perfume and cosmetics companies, catering and food companies, public utilities facilities (including hairdressers and beauty salons, beauty parlours), people in the household (not to be used on babies of less then 1 year age);
    • handscrub for surgeons, surgical nurses, midwives and others involved in surgery, deliveries, etc.;
    • treatment of feet for prevention of fungal diseases.


    • 20ml - bottle with spray handle in blister pack
    • 50ml - bottle with spray handle
    • 100ml - bottle with spray handle
    • 1 litre – bottle, may be equipped with push dispenser
    • 5 litres


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