Ekom-25M concentrated disinfectant with cleaning properties for use in dishwashing and surface cleaning


     12.5% alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride.

    Surface-active agent (surfactant)



    •  Bactericidal activity (including Mycobacterium Tuberculosis).
    • Active fungicide (fungi Candida and Trichophyton)
    • Active virucide (Hepatitis A and bird flu)
    • Cleaning properties



    •  Disinfection of indoor surfaces, sanitary technical equipment, tableware (including disposable items), dishwashing tools, laundry, cleaning items, egg shells in health facilities, preschool facilities, catering and food companies, public utilities facilities, consumer markets, social welfare institutions.
    • For simultaneous cleaning and disinfection of table ware (including disposable items), any kind of equipment and tools, containers and surfaces at kitchens.
    • For simultaneous cleaning and disinfection of egg shells.



    5 litres


Эком-25М инструкция N020-10/2010.pdf Download
Эком-25М инструкция - масложировая промышленность.pdf Download
Эком-25М инструкция - молочная промышленность.pdf Download
Эком-25М инструкция - мясная промышленность.pdf Download
Эком-25М инструкция - производство напитков.pdf Download
Эком-25М инструкция - птицепереработка.pdf Download
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