Evoline Anti-Fat Extra

Evoline Anti-Fat Extra Removes persistent protein and fat stains, burned-on food, soot, and smoke resin.


    Water, lye, nonionic surfactants, functional additives

    pH 12.0±1.0

    Inflammable, stable in water and in air, biodegradable


    Removes persistent protein and fat stains, burned-on food, soot, and smoke resin


    The product is designed to remove especially persistent fat and protein stains, burned-on food, soot, and smoke resin from various surfaces resistant to alkalis (plastic, glass, ceramic, stainless steel surfaces, etc.), gas and electric stoves, thermal processing equipment (industrial furnaces, ovens, grills, deep fryers, smoking chambers, thermal cameras, cooking kettles), pots and pans, heaters, ventilation systems in hotels, business centers, train stations, airports, trade centers, catering and food processing industry, hospitals and health institutions, housing and communal services, veterinary services, in household, for cleaning heavily polluted (fats, oils, petroleum remnants) surfaces in workshops. 
    Instructions for use:
    1. Turn spray nozzle to "spray".
    2. Push the sprayer trigger, apply to the surface to be cleaned and leave for 2-3 minutes.
    3. Wipe the surface with a brush or sponge, then rinse. For stubborn or old stains, repeat the treatment. Wash the surface for 2-3 minutes under running water or wipe with wet cloth 2-3 times, washing the cloth under running water for 1 minute between wipes. Check the extent to which the product has been rinsed off by measuring the pH level, using the universal indicator strip (required level 6-8 pH). Rinse again, if necessary.
    4. When finished, rotate the nozzle to the STOP position.
    Do not use on aluminum, nonferrous metal and painted equipment (or check paint durability in an inconspicuous area), or items with damaged teflon coating. When cleaning painted surfaces, as well as surfaces made of unknown materials, try the product on an inconspicuous area first. Minimize the product's contact time with these surfaces.



    500 ml and 750 ml bottles equipped with spray trigger handle

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