Evoline for glass with Anti-Microbial Effect

Evoline for glass with  Anti-Microbial Effect Glass cleaner with anti-microbial effect. Does not leave water marks


     Isopropyl alcohol, water, polyquaternium-7, anti-microbial agent, odorant, colorant.


     washing and anti-microbial properties


     For cleaning windows, shop windows, car windshields, mirrors, tiles, chrome plated and stainless steel surfaces in hotels, business centers, train stations, airports, shops and restaurants, food and food-processing industries, kindergartens, schools, healthcare facilities, housing and communal services and in the household.

    Instructions for use: Distribute evenly on the surface to be cleaned, by pressing the sprayer trigger several times, wipe dry with soft non-pilling cloth or paper. Please check the possible effects on a small inconspicuous area in advance, prior to using the product on any surface other then glass, mirrors, tiles, chrome.



    500 ml and 750 ml bottles equipped with spray trigger handle

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