Zoosept Concentrated disinfectant for use in animal breeding


    Alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride - 50% (quaternary ammonium compounds)

    Auxiliary components


    • bactericidal activity (including Mycobacterium Tuberculosis).
    • Active virucide
    • Active fungicide



    For preventive and emergency disinfection

    • of livestock pens, including poultry and fur farms, technological machinery, ancillary livestock facilities and animal-care equipment;
    • production facilities and machinery for the meat and poultry processing industries, slaughtered meat product-processing workshops, diseased animal killing floors at meat-processing plants, dairy units on dairy farms and feed kitchen complexes, as well as storage and transportation containers for animal products;
    • All types of vehicles used to transport animals, raw materials and animal products, as well as open spaces (ramps, loading docks, platforms), animal-collection points (pre-slaughter containment areas and facilities, markets, exhibitions, sports grounds, etc.);
    • Premises, equipment and machinery in zoos, circuses, nurseries, vivariums, veterinary clinics and hospitals;
    • Protective clothing for service personnel




    • 1 litre
    • 5 litres


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